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In today’s economy, with America’s increasing usage of electrical power and natural resources, the possibility of an inexpensive, renewable and reputable energy source is seen by customers as a breath of fresh air. That’s where wind energy can be found in.

According to the Department of Energy, contemporary wind turbines can convert winds in many U.S. states and coastal waters into dependable, clean electrical energy. While wind today offers only a small portion of our nationwide electrical energy requirements, it is an immense homeland energy resource and is the fastest-growing energy supply innovation.

The United States has an abundance of possibly sensible wind resources-onshore and offshore-estimated at over 2,000 gigawatts (GW). To put this into perspective, 350 GW of installed wind capacity would represent about 20 percent of our nation’s current electrical power need. This resembles the level of electrical power produced from the country’s nuclear or natural gas-fired generation today.

Today, the country’s “wind farms” generate over 9,000 megawatts of electricity-enough electrical energy to serve more than two million homes. Wind power represents more than simply competitive electrical power.

Wind energy is a domestic energy source that contributes to nationwide security by decreasing America’s dependence on oil and natural gas-most of which are imported from other nations. In addition, unlike most other electricity sources, wind turbines don’t take in water. Irrigation and thermal electrical generation usage 77 percent of all fresh water in the U.S.; wind turbines, on the other hand, do not utilize water at all. That makes wind energy an excellent choice for drought-stricken neighborhoods in rural America.


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Wind energy renewable energy, pros cons wind energy, With today’ technology, wind energy provide 20% america’ electricity ( amount nuclear power ) turbines installed 1%.

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